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Static and Thermo-mechanical Analysis of Disc Brake

M. Saran Theja & M. Vamsi Krishna

Disc(Rotor) brakes are exposed to large thermal stresses during routine braking and extraordinary thermal stresses during hard braking. The aim of the project is to design, model a disc brake. Modeling is done using Pro/Engineer. Structural and Thermal analysis is to be done on the disc brakes using two materials Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. Structural analysis is done on the disc brake to validate the strength of the disc brake and thermal analysis is done to analyze the thermal properties. Comparison can be done for displacement, stresses, thermal gradient etc. for the two materials to check which material is best. We are also providing manufacturing process for making disc brake and also preparing prototype. Manufacturing process is done using Pro/Engineer. Pro/Engineer is a 3d modeling software widely used in the design process. ANSYS is general-purpose finite element analysis (FEA) software package. Finite Element Analysis is a numerical method of deconstructing a complex system into very small pieces (of user-designated size) called elements.