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Spontaneous Urinary Bladder Rupture Due to a Hypnotics Overdose

Kuo-Tai Chen, Hung-Sheng Huang and Hung-Jung Lin

We reported on a hypnotic overdose young female who was taken to the emergency department because of abdominal pain, acute kidney injury, and an unexplained massive ascites. The final diagnosis was spontaneous urinary bladder rupture due to hypnotic-induced semi-coma. Hypontics overdose greatly influenced the patient’s ability to urinate and contributed to prolonged urinary retention, which resulted in the rupture of urinary bladder. However, the history and physical examinations of these intoxicated patients are usually questionable. As a result, we proposed a triad of clinical manifestations – abdominal pain, acute kidney injury and a massive ascites. The presence of these clinical findings together should prompt physicians to consider spontaneous urinary bladder rupture.