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Medical & Surgical Urology
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Simultaneous Presentation of Three Ureteric Stones in Three Different Ureters in A Patient with Unilateral Ureteric Duplication, An Unlucky Rare Triad!

Elsawi Osman, Ziauddin Khan and Tanweer Bhatty

Urinary tract duplication anomalies have a variety of anatomical and clinical manifestations. In broad terms, duplication anomalies are divided into complete and incomplete (partial). We are hereby reporting a case of a 26 year- old man, who presented acutely with right sided loin pain. Subsequent investigations showed right sided complete duplication with a single left ureter, with all three ureters harboring obstructing stones. He underwent urgent bilateral semi-rigid ureteroscopy with LASER lithotripsy with satisfactory outcome. There are no similar case reports in the English literature to the best of our knowledge.