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Emergency Medicine: Open Access
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Significance of Anatomy in Recognizing Trauma with a Rare Case of Trauma with more than 75 Pellet Injuries

Ashfaq ul Hassan, Zahida Rasool, Muneeb Ul Hassan, Zubaida Rasool and Shifan Khandey

Blast and Pellet injuries are a modern nuisance. The increasing use of more destructive methods of damage infliction are on the rise and especially in more violent parts of the world are a cause of significant morbidity and mortality. The injuries can range from being simple or localized to more extensive multi system injuries. As such a proper assessment and proper management of the pellet injuries is a must and a judicious manner of managing these injuries should be managed. This Young patient had more than 75 pellet injuries after a blast. A thorough check up was conducted to look for injuries near vital structures and amazingly all vital structures were unaffected. The patient was monitored and discharged after a few days. The article deals with knowing the more important Anatomico surgical concepts involved in assessment of trauma in various regions of the body.