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Should ART Patients with Severe Oligozoospermia Undergo Sperm Cryopreservation at Time of Initial Diagnosis?

Sandra Kolta, Dave R Listijono and Michael G Chapman

Every experienced IVF clinician has been confronted by the scenario of a couple about to undergo ICSI for a diagnosis of severe oligozoospermia, only to find there is azoospermia on the day of oocyte collection. To establish the incidence of this disastrous event, a retrospective study of all men with an initial sperm concentration of <5 million/ml, who subsequently had at least 2 further samples collected was conducted. An analysis of the change in sperm parameters over time was undertaken. Of the 35 men identified, 31.4% (11/35) did not have any change in their sperm concentration, 20.0% (7/35) of men had an increase, and 34.3% (12/35) declined. Seven men (20.0%) became azoospermic. These findings suggest that all men with an initial sperm conc