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Seborrheic Dermatitis Induced Koebnerization: A Probable Outcome Determinant in Vitiligo

Mufutau Muphy Oripelaye, Fatai Olatunde Olanrewaju, Olaniyi Emmanuel Onayemi and Olayinka Abimbola Olasode

Backgrounds: Vitiligo is a pigmentary disorder characterized by depigmentation and absence of melanocyte. It occurs in 0.5-1% of the population and commonly associated with Koebner phenomenon. Koebner phenomenon which is the occurrence of new lesions at site of injury has been described in several dermatoses including vitiligo. It could serve as a useful diagnostic aid and sometimes influence approach to the management of vitiligo when considering surgical intervention. Case report: We report a 64 year old Nigerian who had progressive depigmentation on the scalp, face and palms of 1 year duration. He had prior scaly rashes for eight years which are distributed over the seborrheic areas. The depigmenting lesions were noted to be perpetuated by seborrheic dermatitis induced koebnerization. Conclusion: Koebner's phenomenon induced by seborrheic dermatitis may be a perpetrating factor in vitiligo with attendant challenge in the treatment of the patients. This may further worsen the hitherto poor outlook of vitiligo thereby compounding the associated morbidity.