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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Scenario Based Performance Analysis of Variants of TCP using NS2-Simulator

Yuvaraju B. N, Niranjan N Chiplunkar

The increasing demands and requirements for wireless communication systems especially in settings where access to wired infrastructure is not possible like natural disasters, conferences and military settings have led to the need for a better understanding of fundamental issues in TCP optimization in MANETS.TCP primarily designed for wired networks, faces performance degradation when applied to the ad-hoc scenario. Earlier work in MANETs focused on comparing the performance of different routing protocols. Our analysis is on performance of the variants of TCP in MANETS. Several different variants have been developed in order to refine congestion control in Mobile Adhoc Networks. These variants of TCP perform better under specific scenarios, our Analysis of the variants of TCP is based on three performance metrics: TCP Throughput ,Average End- to -End delay and Packet Delivery Fraction in high and low mobility. This analysis will be useful in determining the better variant among TCP Protocols to ensure better data transfer, speed, and reliability and congestion control. In this paper we carry out performance study of six variants of TCP to be able to classify which variant of TCP performs better in various possible scenarios in MANETs.