Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Reprocessing the Natural Fibers to Procure Advanced Materials

Ashish Chauhan, Priyanka Chauhan and Balbir Kaith

Nature and natural resources has offered the mankind with precious gifts for survival and maintenance but with the ever increase in population, pollution and deforestation the sustenance of natural resources is in suspicion. A major part of the land on earth provides us with renewable biomass that mostly degrades with time. Graft copolymerization is a chemical technique to improve the properties of the waste biomass and modify its properties while sustaining the inherent trait. With the advancement of science and research many efforts have been made to modify and improve the synthesis, characterization and evaluation techniques for a better scientific and industrial achievements. The review explores a brief overview of this magnificent engineering, its types and factors that has helped to provides with outstanding results.