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Journal of Developing Drugs
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Reported Methods of Abuse for Common Prescription Analgesic Opioids

Omidian A, Mastropietro DJ and Omidian H

With the introductory of internet forums, blogs, and social networks, large numbers of individuals are connected together in ways previously deemed difficult or impossible. These outlets can be used as a means of asking questions or freely displaying personal experiences, viewpoints, and anecdotal accounts. Once posted, these questions and remarks are open for other individuals to read, comment and respond. Through these dialogues, a vast electronic database has been created which is instantly retrievable and contains new content on a daily basis. In the healthcare field, this can be beneficial to certain patients or can be used in ways leading to detrimental effects. For example, computer-mediated forums can help patients, such as those with cancer, cope with their diseases states. Likewise, webbased interventions can also help those with alcohol, tobacco, and substance use disorders. However, internet discussions can also be used by those seeking to abuse drugs, particularly those interested in recreational use of prescription opioids. Internet forums have become a source of information on how abusers can administer and defeat different prescription drug containing formulations. They can also be used as a means of estimating abusers’ preferences for certain products. The information contained in online drug abuse databases are of particular interests to those who are developing abusedeterrent formulations, since the purpose of these products is to defeat common and upcoming methods of abuse.