Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Removal of Reactive Red 24 Dye by Clean Electrocoagulation Process Using Iron and Aluminum Electrodes

Nasser M Abu Ghalwa, Alaa M Saqer and Nader B Farhat

In this research, the efficiency of electrocoagulation treatment process using iron and aluminum electrodes to treat synthetic wastewater containing Reactive Red 24 (RR 24) was studied. The effects of parameters such as current density, pH, type of electrolyte, initial dye concentration, electrolyte concentration, temperature, and inter electrode distance on dye removal efficiency were investigated. The results showed that dye and chemical oxygen demand removals were 99.6% and 91.5% by using iron and were 97.9% and 83.8%, by using aluminum electrodes. The removal of dye exhibited pseudo first order with good correlation coefficients (0.955 and 0.990 for Fe and Al electrodes respectively. It can be concluded that electrocoagulation process by Iron electrode is very efficient and clean process for reactive dye removal from colored wastewater