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Journal of Stock & Forex Trading
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Regressed Profits on Total Trades, Winners, Size, and Intraday Drawdown of Commodities, Equities, Fixed Income, and Trade Duration Exit Days

Rushinek A and Rushinek S

This paper describes Business Intelligence Systems and Engineering of Profits from trading. This paper discusses a system (The System) that includes regressed profits on Total Trades, Winners, Size, and Intraday drawdown of Commodities, Equities, Fixed Income, and Trade duration Exit Days. The System uses the S&P-500; including a variety of traded securities. The System applies trading portfolio theories, such as asset diversification, and extends these theories to human resource management diversification. The System integrates an Automated Trading System (ATS), of algorithmic trading, with a Simple Moving Average (SMA) trading strategy. This paper also tests several null hypotheses on predictor independent variables and their coefficient of determination; rejecting the null hypotheses that these determinations are equal to zero. Furthermore, this paper links constructs to SMA and Trend-Following Ordinary Least Square (OLS), to the World Wide Web (WWW), and to High Frequency Trading (HTF). Additionally, this paper discusses topping the WWW’s Search Engine Results page (SERP) and discusses Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The System includes Mobile Phones (smart phones and tablets), Audit Counter Party Audio/Video (AV), a surveillance approach to IP (Internet Protocol) both fixed and mobile, and wired and wireless AV cameras. The System also includes wearable cameras; such as Google-Glass. Additionally, The System includes screen-sharing broadcasting, archiving shots, and webcams. The System also implements Google Plus’s Hangouts on Air (G+ HOA), as well as Voice over IP (VOIP) phone video conferencing, which is similar to Skype. Software robots (BOTs) and classroom Instructor’s Lecture Videos, which are recorded with the instructor’s tablet, supplement The System. Furthermore, The System deals with Quantitative Robotic Algorithmic Automated Securities (e.g., Stocks, Equities, Treasuries, Commodities, and Futures). Additionally The System includes Trading System Strategy, internet security, forensic accounting, and expert witness testimony, point of view (POV) surveillance, fraud examination, and web programming. The System helps identify misinformation such as “cooking the books” from Toxic Paper Sub-Prime Mortgages, CDS, and CSOs Material Misstatements of the Financial Services Industry; such as the Crisis Challenges and counterparty surveillance of collateralized debt obligations.