Radio Cephalic Fistula Transposition (Superficalization): A case Report | Abstract
Internal Medicine: Open Access

Internal Medicine: Open Access
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Radio Cephalic Fistula Transposition (Superficalization): A case Report

Esmael Ali Hamed

Background: The primary (Brescia-Cimino) radio cephalic fistula on the forearm is commonly recognized as the best vascular access for the chronic hemodialysis because of its fewer complications.

Patient and method: A male patient aged 48 years old, BMI 33.5, came to Mansoura health insurance hospital, vascular surgery outpatient clinic at august 2019 complaining of failure of putting dialysis needle on the hemodialysis machine.

Results: ability to do full time hemodialysis process with a functioning well acting AV shunt.

Conclusion: Proper evaluation of the patency and function of dialysis access is mandatory for proper further decision to make a patent, well-functioning line for life for CKD patients.

Published Date: 2020-08-07; Received Date: 2020-06-11