Quantitative Taxonomy of Osmanthus fragrans Cultivars in Jingzhou | Abstract
Journal of Horticulture

Journal of Horticulture
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Quantitative Taxonomy of Osmanthus fragrans Cultivars in Jingzhou

Sun Taoze, Dongling L and Mu Hongna*

This investigation had been implemented for checking Osmanthus fragrans Resources. In this paper, 29 classified characters were selected based on our preliminary research foundation of O. fragrans in Jingzhou city parks, then O. fragrans quantitative classification of 24 cultivars was carried out by SPSS analysis. The results showed principal component contribution rate was scattered, which is not an ideal method for quantitative classification of O. fragrans cultivars. The method of Walder was the best among seven clustering methods. The clustering results showed that there was a long relationship between autumn Osmanthus and Asiaticus Group. In addition, flowering season, flower color and fertility were very important for O. fragrans cultivars classification. The evolution of O. fragrans petals color might be complex and multi-way. The O. fragrans cultivars classification should not be too entangled with their color, but mainly based on flowering date. The comprehensive evaluation of inflorescence type, flower color, leaf color and other morphological characteristics played necessary reference role for the traditional variety classification method and the modern quantitative classification method.

Published Date: 2019-06-07; Received Date: 2019-05-16