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Organic Chemistry: Current Research
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Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Bioactive Compounds of Essential Oils of the Medicinal Plant Artemisia sieberi Grown in Lorestan (Iran) by use of GC-MS Technique

Noorkhoda Yousefzadeh, Javad Zeinivand and Mohammad Hadi Meshkatalsadat

Artemisia sieberi belongs to the Asteraceae family and genus Artemisia. In this study, essential oils were extracted from all aerial parts of Artemisia sieberi by kelvenger set with the utilization of hydrodistillation method. By use of GC/ MS technique, the chemical components of essential oil were identified. About 50 components with the help of GC/MS technique were identified which encompassed 96.74% of the whole essential oil. The essential oil yield as a result of hydrodistillation, 0.48% (weight/weight) was obtained (it has been based on dried materials). Trans-para mentha-1(7), 8-dien-2-ol (22.9%), α-terpineol (10.23%), 1,8 cineole (10.22%), β-thujone (6.78%), cis-sabinol (6.78%), linalool (4.58%), dihydrocarveol (3.71%) and geranyl acetate (3.32%) were the major identified compounds. Oxygenated monoterpens group had the highest percentage of essential oil. Because the type and percentage of plant essential oil compounds in each region is different with other regions, therefore, the aim of this investigation was extraction and identification of the chemical compositions of essential oils in Artemisia sieberi for its uses in various medicinal purposes.