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ISSN: 2319–7293


Quality Assessment of Traditional Hand Dug Wells in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria

B.U. Okoro, A.C.C. Ezeabasili, & C.M U-Dominic

The physical and chemical quality of traditional hand dug wells in Awka city, Anambra State, that are utilized for numerous purposes were analysed. A total of five (5) samples were collected randomly from (hand-dug wells) located in the city. Collected samples were subjected to standard analysis, viz, physical, chemical and microbial analysis which revealed results and variations of temperature, turbidity, taste and odour, PH, total hardness, sodium (Na+ ), Calcium (Ca+ ), Iron (Fe+ ), Copper (Cu2+), Lead (Pb+ ), Chloride (Cl - ) nitrate (NO3 - ), Sulphate (SO4 2- ), Carbonate (CO3 - ), BiCarbonate (HCO3 - ) with WHO and NSDWQ standards. Results revealed that hand dug wells in the study area contain high coliform counts with respect to the WHO (2011) and NSDWQ (2007) drinking water guidelines. This indicates bacteriological pollution of water sources. Also, concentration of Iron (Fe) in all samples exceeds maximum permissible limits (0.3 mg L-1) which has health implications on consumers of this water.