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Current Synthetic and Systems Biology
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Psyllium Mucilage and Its Use in Pharmaceutical Field: An Overview

Deepak Kumar, Jyoti Pandey, Pramendra Kumar and Vinit Raj

Plantago psyllium mucilage or Plantago psyllium ovate is a food grade natural polysaccharide obtained from Plantago psyllium and its mucilage is calm of natural arabinoxylan (arabinose 22.6% and xylose 74.6%). Psyllium mucilage is extracted from psyllium husk. Graft copolymerization is one of the best methods for modifying psyllium, which impart certain functional properties to psyllium without destroying its basic properties. The grafting is initiated through the formation of the free radical centers on the polymer backbone. Psyllium has wide application in many health problems, particularly cholesterol control, colon cancer prevention, high sugar levels in blood and widely used as a laxative.