Journal of Depression and Anxiety

Journal of Depression and Anxiety
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ISSN: 2167-1044



Psychodynamic Brief Intervention Program (PBIP) Management of Mid-Life Crisis in the Workplace

Mary Jane Valero and Maria Claudette Agnes

The study focuses on midlife crisis experienced by 32 Senior Executives with the rank of Senior Manager to Senior Vice President of a financial institution with ages ranging from 40 to 55 years. Sequential-exploratory mixed method design was used to develop an intervention program that aims to reduce the risk of cognitive decline, prevent illness development and promote mental soundness. Using self-report questionnaires, eligible Senior Executives were pre-categorized by obtaining high scores in the MIDI personality test and Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), and moderate to severe in Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) to prove the existence of crisis. Pre-categorized participants were exposed to the newly-developed Psychodynamic Brief Intervention Program (PBIP) then after, they were again assessed utilizing the same questionnaires. Independent t-test and Cohen’s d scores showed the efficacy in lessening the participants’ level of stress (d=2.03), anxiety (d=2.12) and depression (d=1.42) with a 96% affirmation of the program’s effectiveness. Hence, an indication of the efficacy of the Psychodynamic Brief Intervention Program (PBIP).