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Proteomic Analysis for the Purpose of Understanding the Mechanisms of Benzene and X-ray Induced Leukemia Using Human Bone Marrow Cells

Katsunori Sasaki, Yoshinori Nishida, Jun Adachi, Katsuya Okawa, Aki Nakayama, Minoru Yoneda and Shinsuke Morisawa

Benzene and the ionizing radiation are well known as leukemogens. There have been many studies on leukemia accumulated, but the mechanisms underlying the leukemogenicity are not fully understood. Since there are differences and similarities in leukemogenesis by benzene and radiation, comparative analysis could offer insight toward understanding basic leukemogenesis. In this study, we extracted proteins from CD34+ cells from human bone marrow, the target organ of leukemia, exposed to benzene metabolites (catechol and hydroquinone) or/and X-rays, and performed two dimensional gel image analysis. As a result, we identifi ed 8 proteins specifi c to benzene metabolites exposure, and 14 to X-ray irradiation. Notably, we found 2 proteins, protein SET and cofi lin-1, which showed changes in expression levels common to both benzene metabolites and X-ray exposure. These results suggest that the SET-PP2AJNK pathway might play a key role in the mechanisms of the leukemia.