Journal of Horticulture

Journal of Horticulture
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Propagation of Citrus Rootstock Cuttings Success Depends on Season

Beeson RC and Silva D

Propagation of citrus rootstock cuttings in a phyto-santitary greenhouse during summer months was highly successful with the right combination of shoot maturity, diluent, and auxin concentration; however, propagation of citrus cuttings over the course of a year has not been reported. Results of a yearlong trial indicate that common citrus rootstocks can be easily and quickly rooted when started from mid-March until early November at latitudes around N 28.5°. However, in December through late February, rooting success of citrus cuttings varied with auxin concentration, but was generally commercially unacceptable (24%) in greenhouses with minimum air temperatures above 19°C. If bottom heat of 27°C was applied during this period, average success was around 60%, achieving above 80% in late in the winter period. Rootstocks propagated during this period exhibit no abnormalities and could be budded when rootstock size and cambium activity are sufficient.