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Previous Treatment Failure or Default Increased the Risk of Massive Hemoptysis in PTB Patients

Xi Liu, Li Ding and Jinyu Xia

Background: Hemotysis is one of the hallmark symptoms in pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB), which always causes great anxiety and rarely ignored by the patient. Massive hemoptysis is one of the major causes of death in PTB patients.

Objectives: To evaluate the independent association of risk factors with the occurrence of massive hemoptysis in PTB patients.

Methods: Observational retrospective study of PTB patients with hemoptysis hospitalized in the fifth affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. Patients were categorized into subjects with massive hemoptysis and with mildmoderate hemoptysis. Independent associations of variables with massive hemoptysis were estimated using univariate analysis.

Results: Of 168 subjects with PTB with hemoptysis, 76 (45.23%) reported the presence of massive hemoptysis. In univariate analysis, retreatment cases were more likely to present massive hemoptysis (P=0.020), especially those who had failed or defaulted treatment (P=0.029). Between the two groups, no significant differences were found in the distribution of demographic characteristics and poor radiographic presentations. There were no significant differences in co-morbid diabetes mellitus (DM), lung infection, or bronchiectasis.

Conclusions: Previous treatment failure or default is an independent risk factor for massive hemoptysis in PTB. Poor radiographic presentations could not predict the occurrence of massive hemoptysis.