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Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Devices
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Preliminary Development of a Magnetically Assisted Test Strip (MATS) Cartridge and Fluorescent DNA Aptamer-Magnetic Bead Quantum Dot Sandwich Assays for Multiplexed Food Safety Applications

John G Bruno and Taylor Phillips

Preliminary development of a simple mesofluidic multi-channel plastic cartridge with underlying external magnet to drag DNA aptamer-coated paramagnetic beads through fluids in the channels while developing a sandwich assay with quantum dot-conjugated reporter aptamers is described. This approach is superior to traditional lateral flow test strips in several ways including: 1) the ability to control the speed of lateral flow in the channel versus conventional nitrocellulose analytical membranes with fixed wicking times. 2) The use of aptamers for potentially greater affinity and consistency from batch-to-batch versus comparable antibodies. 3) Superior fluorescence efficiency and intensity provided by quantum dots versus conventional fluorescent dyes and 4) the ability to multiplex based on the various colored emissions of different sized quantum dots when excited with a single ultraviolet source. Development of the system from concept to prototype is described along with illustration of sensitive system performance for several food safety-related targets. The system is also clearly adaptable to rapid multiplex detection and sensitive quantitation of clinical biomarkers, drugs, environmental, veterinary or other target analytes.