Politicians and Power gain tactics in the era of COVID-19 | Abstract
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Politicians and Power gain tactics in the era of COVID-19

Sampson Nathanailidis

In most cases, people remain at peace with others within a country’s equilibrium. People consistently associate in numerous ways with others, particularly when circulating goods, such as produced goods through tourism and when sharing information, such as scientific collaboration. When tensions occur within a nation, they are, in most cases, solved using constructive approaches. Nevertheless, as time goes by, conflicts between political interests occur, which initially cannot be solved constructively . In these instances, the political leaders from these nations decide to resort to armed actions in an effort to resolve them and justify their decisions with opinions demonstrating that, owing to conditions, are, at times, unavoidable. People often claim that their leaders have hidden and personal motives, or that the governing bodies conspire over a higher aim. Issues about impacting, controlling and guiding people express a politician's need for power and influence, or influencing their followers, other groups, or generally the globe . Politicians who score high while needing power appear to have strong, forceful actions towards citizens; they try to regulate and control others to influence them, offer unwelcome advice or assistance, and impress others.

Published Date: 2020-12-28; Received Date: 2020-12-12