Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Physical Properties of Lime – Bamboo Leaf Ash Treated Samples of Lateritic Soils in Ado – Ekiti, Nigeria

Dada M. O. and Faluyi, S. O.

This research was carried out to study the physical characteristics of Lime- Bamboo leaf ash stabilization on lateritic soil in highway construction. The physical characteristics of three selected samples in their natural untreated state and their responsiveness to treatment with lime-bamboo leaf ash stabilizing agent (i.e. additive) were determined in the laboratory. Percentages of the additive used on the lateritic samples varied from 0% to 10%. Results indicated increase in plastic and liquid limits of the samples while plasticity index, linear shrinkage and swell decreases with increase in the additive contents. Beneficial results were obtained especially from the treatment of the highly plastic and inorganic soil samples (i.e. soil samples A and B which in its untreated condition can often be detrimental for use as subgrade material in road construction due to differential expansion and shrinkage when undergoes change in moisture content) with the additive.