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Petro-geochemistry, Genesis and Economic Aspects of Mafic Volcanic Rocks in the West and Southern Part of The Mamfe Basin (SW Cameroon, Central Africa)

Nguo Sylvestre Kanouo, Rose Fouateu Yongue, Tanwi Richard Ghogomu, Emmanuel Njonfang, Syprien Bovari Yomeun and Emmanuel Archelaus Afanga Basua

Geologic prospecting, petrographic and geochemical analyses of mafic volcanic exposures in the west and southern part of the Mamfe Basin (SW Cameroon) distinguishes: basanites, picro-basalts, alkali basalts and tholeiitic basalts. They are relatively LREE-enriched, undersaturated, saturated or oversaturated due to presence or absence of normative nepheline, hypersthene or quartz. Basanites mainly form pillow-like lavas, and are aphyric or porphyritic. They have significant concentration of Ni (up to 387 ppm) and Ba (up to 436 ppm). These alkaline rocks cooled from less evolved mantle source magma. Picro-basaltic fragments exclusively found in the western part of the basin are Ni (up to 259 ppm) Ba (up to 2090 ppm) -enriched porphyritic, alkaline or subalkaline rocks. They also cooled from less evolved mantle source magma. Basalts form volcanoclasts, flow and dykes. They are aphyric or porphyritic, alkaline, transitional or subalkaline. Some of these rocks are Al-enriched. They crystallized from variably evolved mantle source magma within the Oceanic Island Basalt and Continental Rift Basalt tectonic settings.

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