Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Performance Evaluation of OFDM Based Wimax Physical Layer Under Multipath Fading Channel with Different Modulation Schemes And Cyclic Prefix

C. K. Thadani, Santosh D. Chede and Sudhir.B.Lande

WiMAX (Worldwide interoperability for microwave) is basically described as the IEEE 802. 16 standard for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) that was developed to provide high transmission data rates over larger areas and also to those areas users where broadband coverage is not available. This paper analyzes WiMAX Physical Layer with different modulation schemes and cyclic prefix(CP) under multipath propagation channel conditions. SUI (Stanford University Interim) channel has been chosen as reference for multipath propagation channel. Signal-to Noise Ratio (SNR) vs Bit Error Rate (BER) plots are analyzed for performance evaluation of Physical Layer. It is observed that the performance of Physical Layer with BPSK modulation scheme is better than QPSK,16QAM and 64 QAM modulation schemes. Also, a higher value of cyclic prefix(CP) gives better BER perfrmance .