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Pentoxifylline Associated with Other Antioxidants (Multimodal Therapy) on Patients with Peyronie's Disease. Results of a Controlled Study

Gianni Paulis, Furio Pirozzi Farina, Giorgio Cavallini, Giovanni De Giorgio, Davide Barletta, Bruno Rovereto, Paolo Turchi, Enrico Conti, Francesco Varvello, Antonio Artegiani, Antonio Vitarelli, Andrea Fabiani, Giuseppe Dachille, Enrico Spera, Stefano Lauretti, Alessandro Papini, Alessandro Palmieri and Tommaso Brancato

Pentoxifylline (PTX) with other antioxidants, in patients with PD enrolled for a conservative medical management.

Methods: We carried out a controlled study on 240 patients diagnosed with Peyronie's Disease (PD). We have divided two treatment groups, which differ from each other only for the association with PTX-penile injection. Two groups (A and B) were totally composed by 160 PD patients (80 patients for each group): Group A=PTX injection (penile and peri-lesional) 100 mg, every two weeks for six months + PTX 400 mg /oral/ twice daily + propolis 600 mg / oral / daily + blueberries 160 mg /oral/ daily + Vitamin E 600 mg / oral / daily + topical Diclofenac sodium 4% gel / twice a day, for a period of 6 months. Group B=the same therapy of group A but without PTX penile injection. Patients who refused treatment, for various reasons, were included in the control group=Group C (80 patients).

Results: In groups A and B after 6 months of treatment a reduction of penile plaque volume of 50.3% and 25.9% respectively was observed, while in group C a mean increase in plaque volume of 131% was observed. Furthermore, in groups A and B, the mean curvature decrease was -11.07° and -4.4° respectively, while in group C a mean increase of curvature =+14.09° was observed. Conclusion: Our results showed that multimodal treatment with PTX associated with antioxidants and topical Diclofenac is significantly effective in treating PD. Treatment outcomes obtained in the treatment-group A are statistically more significant than those achieved in group B. Pentoxifylline is more effective when the treatment program includes both routes of administration: oral + perilesional injection.