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Pectoralis Major Muscle and Delto-Pectoral Side by Side Flap for Large Skin Defect in Neck-Initial Experience with a Modified Method

Dinesh Gupta, Shalini Gupta, Deepak Shukla, Richa Sharma and Vijay Sharma

Free flaps are the first choice nowadays for reconstruction of large skin defect in the neck after Radical Neck Dissection. But few options are available after the failure of a free flap. Another free flap is an ideal option if possible but ruled out in our case because of non-availability of recipient's vessels. Local rotation flaps are next best option after free flaps to cover large skin defects in the neck. Pectoralis Major Muscle flap and Delto-pectoral flap have been used for long in the reconstruction of head and neck malignancies. In our case, both these flaps were inadequate singly in width to cover the skin defect. So we devised a unique strategy to cover the skin defect with these flaps in a way that both these flaps were used side by side to cover the half of skin defect. This technique has not been mentioned in literature before.