Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Overview: Methods of Automatic Fabric Defect Detection

Priyanka M. Shanbhag , Manish P. Deshmukh & Shekhar R. Suralkar

Fabric inspection has an importance to prevent the risk of delivering inferior quality product. Automated inspection systems are much needed in the textile industry, especially when the quality control of products is a significant problem. The fabric defects inspection process is carried out from a long time with human visual inspection that proves to be insufficient and costly. Hence in order to reduce the cost and wastage of time, automatic fabric defect detection is required. Robust and efficient fabric defect detection algorithms are used for inspection. This paper presents different methods of fabric defect detection to extract the different features from the fabric. Thus, the inspection of 100% fabric is necessary mainly because of two reasons, first to determine its quality and second to detect any disturbance in the weaving process.