Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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ISSN: 2157-7048



NIR-Based Simultaneous Measurement of Amine Loading and Degree of Neutralization during Flotation Reagent Preparation for Potash Processing

Mohammad Hussein and Adam Donaldson

A continuous spectroscopy-based monitoring approach of the amine reagent preparation prior to flotation processing was investigated. The process involved the neutralization of a long carbon chain amine, C16-C20, with hydrochloric acid. Current methods of monitoring the degree of neutralization, controlling the HCl addition, and monitoring the amine content were based on pH measurements, with out-of-line sample lab-validation carried out using titration-based methods. Industry feedback indicated this method was prone to error and had resulted in challenges in process control. This work demonstrates a novel method of measuring both amine content and degree of neutralization using a mini-fluidic reactor and FT-NIR system equipped with a flow-through heated transmission cell. Analysis of the spectral response for wavenumbers in the range of 4,258-4,400 cm-1 yielded amine content and degree of neutralization measurements accurately to within � 0.065 wt%, and � 6.0% margin of errors, respectively. This led to monitoring intensification to increase KCl recoveries in flotation processing.