Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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New Types, Halogen-Free, Eco-Safe, Inexpensive Fire-Extinguishing and Fire-Protective Materials

Gurchumelia L, Tsarakhov M, Tkemaladze S, Bezarashvili G and Bejanov F

The aim of the presented investigation is the development of technology for production of novel, halogen-free, environmentally safe, highly efficient fire-extinguishing powders based on local mineral raw materials and elaboration of new types, environmentally safe, fire-protective materials on the basis of such fire-extinguishing powders, which in composite materials are functioning, as efficient inert flame retardants. The technology for production of these materials differs from the conventional production. Fire-extinguishing powders will be produced by mechanical blending of local mineral raw materials, which do not require modification with expensive halogencontaining hydrofobizing additives, making the extinguishing materials far cheaper than imported analogues. Experimental data confirm that the developed fire-extinguishing powders are characterized by high inhibition properties and fire-extinguishing ability similarly to flame retardants. Here it should be noted, that obtained powders similarly to inert flame retardants, don?t participate in the process of polymer preparation, their mechanical mixing with polymeric binders is possible in the course of processing, and in contrast to them are characterized by high performance properties. That?s why fire-extinguishing powders of our preparation in fire-protective materials are functioning, as efficient inert flame retardants. Therefore fire-protective materials are manufactured only by mechanical mixing of binders-Polyurethane resins and fillers-High-dispersed fire-extinguishing powders of our preparation, does not need addition of expensive flame retardants. It on the one hand simplifies technological process of production and on the other hand decreases cost prices of protective materials. Experimental data confirm that the developed fire-protective materials by fire-resistance are qualified as hardly combustible materials and their performance properties are not worse than performance properties of the standard protective materials of common production. Thus, they are fulfilling completely requirements posed by normative documentation to the materials used in building processes.