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Journal of Developing Drugs
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Nanostructured Lipid Carriers: A Review

Amit Sharma and Ashish Baldi

Lipid-containing drug delivery systems like NLC are well-established methods for preparing pharmaceuticals for all major kind of drug delivery systems of nanoscience. Lipid formulations require a variety of product-related requirements and problems associated with NLC, which is discussed thoroughly in this chapter. There are multiple DDS currently available which leads to enhance the solubility of the drugs in different medium as well as also increase the bioavailability of the drugs in different conditions and environments. NLC’s are a novel type of DDS which are stable in different environment and which have capabilities to form concentrated dispersions. In this chapter, we discussed different process variables, steps involved in the manufacturing of NLC and responses with their outcome. NLC’s can increase the drug distribution to the target organ, change the pharmacokinetic characteristics of drug carriers to enhance the therapeutic effect, and reduce adverse side effects.

Published Date: 2018-08-15; Received Date: 2018-07-30