My 101 inventions to make healthcare affordable to everyone | Abstract
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My 101 inventions to make healthcare affordable to everyone

Sagar A Jawale

To make healthcare affordable to everyone, I started my research and developed more than 100 low cost inventions for the poor people. Following of my 25 inventions are for the first time in history of medicine. Flexible and rigid video laparoscopes, Flexible video laparoscope with 30, 45 and 60 degree mirror attachments, rigid ventilating video bronchoscope with forceps, Rigid ventilating video bronchoscope without forceps, adult rigid video cystoscope 24F, semi flexible thin video nephoscope, Rigid video nephoscope for PCNL, wireless laparoscopy and endoscopy device, laser tissue welding device, life force meter, Rigid video esophagoscope, Rigid video sigmoidoscope, Rigid video hysteroscope, Intravaginal video colposcope, Peritoneal laparoscopic microscope, Rigid video neuroscope, etc. These are produced at a record low cost of Rs. 5000-10,000 each. Other inventions which are first made in India are, articulating video laparoscope, 3D laparoscopy system, Capsule endoscopy device, VR magnifying loops, hydrophobic nano silicone coating, world’s smallest video camera, video laryngoscope, laser lithotripter and laser cautery, Transcranial magnetic stimulation device (TMS), transcranial direct current stimulation device (tDCS), Intranasal lase therapy device, Machines for bronchial thermoplasty and Stretta procedure, Urodynamics and uroflowmetry device, C02 incubator, Portable and commercial O2 concentrators, Central vacuum machine, Digital Stethoscope, Pathology video microscope, Ophthalmic video microscope, Microscope for microvascular surgery, USB Spectrometer, muscle stimulator, nerve stimulator, Hemodialysis machine, Partial ECMO machine, Harmonic scalpel and ultrasonic lithotripter and led light cord, 24 hour PH monitoring. I also set up stem cell laboratory and tissue culture laboratory at record low cost of Rs. 50,000. My future innovations are hands Free Robotic Camera Holder, Da Vinci Laparoscopic Robot like system, Cochlear Implant, Artificial Urethral Sphincter, A Digital Radiography system, Electron Microscope, A Laser Microscope with one million times magnification, Alternatives to antibiotics and antivirals, Tissue nano Transfection(TNT), Usb Pocket Ultrasound Machine, Cardiac catheterization Monitor, Portable MRI scanner, ESWL Machine, Gamma Camera (scintillation Camera), Positron emission Tomography, Terahertz camera Imaging System, Terahertz Tomography

Published Date: 2021-05-13; Received Date: 2020-08-13