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ISSN: 2319–7293


Multifactor Security Protocol for Wireless Payment-Secure Web Authentication Using Biometric Characteristics and SMS

Pawandeep Singh Aujla & Harneet Arora

In this we uses a Biometric property of user for authentication and SMS (short message service) to enforce an extra security level along with the traditional Login / password system. Biometric properties are needed when a user wants a transaction then the user gives their fingerprint information. This method keeps the biometric properties as a secret code. A user creates the biometric properties on their Mobile device with the help of fingerprint scanners. Then the pre-installed application creates an image of the fingerprint. This technique is not a one-time password technique, it can be used as more as user wants. This code is used to initiate secure web transaction using cell phones. In this we use SMS service as a third authentication i.e, the user give their cell no. to the bank , which further receives message and that message gives the pin code no. which will be used for completing the transaction. Finally we extend the system for two way authentication which authenticates both parties (user and e- service provider).