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Molecular Study on Some Virulence and Fluoroquinolone Resistance Genes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Naturally Infected Cultured Sea Bream Fish (Sparus aurata) in Egypt

Eman Khalifa, Mohamed Khallaf and Mahmoud Hashem

This study carried out to investigate the presence of some virulence and fluoroquinolone resistant genes by PCR and comparing with antibiotic diffusion disc for isolated P. aeruginosa. A total number of 100 alive cultured Sea bream, showing clinical signs were collected from a private fish farm at Damietta, Egypt then subjected to clinical, postmortem (PM), bacteriological examination, biochemical and serological identification of the isolated bacteria, P. aeruginosa were more prevalent and subjected to VITEK2 and PCR for detection of outer membrane lipoprotein gene (oprL) at "504 bp" and exotoxin A gene (toxA) at "270 bp" which indicated the virulent isolates of P. aeruginosa and DNA gyrAse (gyrA) at "287 bp" and topoisomerase IV (parC) at "267 bp" for determining fluoroquinolone resistance genes compared with antibiotic sensitivity test by disc diffusion using 3 of fluoroquinolone members. The more prevalent isolates were P. aeruginosa (43.02%), of them 12 isolated showed by PCR the presence of oprL, toxA, gyrA and parC genes and confirmed with antibiogram resistance to tested 3 fluoroquinolone members. The present study explored that pathogenic and fluoroquinolone resistant isolates of P. aeruginosa were more prevalent that necessitate more rapid hygienic programs and narrow uses of antibiotics for Sea bream aquaculture fisheries in Egypt.