Molecular Association between COVID-19 and Diabetes Mellitus and its Impact on Mortality in Pakistan | Abstract
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Internal Medicine: Open Access
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Molecular Association between COVID-19 and Diabetes Mellitus and its Impact on Mortality in Pakistan

Samreen Riaz*

Background and Aims: The 2019 novel COVID-19 arose in Wuhan, China, and was portrayed as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is chronic conditions with devastating multi-systemic complication and may be associated with severe form of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). We conducted a study in order to investigate the association between DM and poor outcome in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia and its impact on mortality.

Methods: In this study, 198 patients were enrolled keeping in view a predetermined inclusion criterion. Their clinical and laboratory characteristics such as age and gender demographics, medical history, clinical tests and x-rays were observed and recorded. The diagnosis for diabetes and severity of COVID 19 was established e by examining the medical history and according to NIH guidelines. The results were produced by doing statistical analysis through SPSS Software.

Results: There are several investigations which showed diabetic patients susceptibility towards coronavirus. A China study showed significant number of diabetic patients in hospitals, having prevalence of 7%-20%. A case study of 70,000 individuals infected with virus, a Chinese CDC reported more death about 7.3% in diabetic patients than general population (2.3%). A study showed prevalence of comorbidities in corona infected patients. Epidemiology study of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention investigated 20,982 patients of COVID-19 showing hypertension, diabetes and CVD were associated 13%, 5% and 4% of patients. In other Italian study found diabetes in about 36%, whereas CVD was associated with 43% of 355 patients infected with COVID-19. During a survey in Lahore which included about 400 participants concluded that the lockdown had negative impact on people. Another study in Lahore stated that along with other tissues effecting in disease it also caused oral cavity infection or effected its cells and tissues causing plague, susceptibility to infection, delayed healness etc. and also showing adverse correlation with periodontal as it negatively relates with diabetes.

Conclusion: There is association between Covid-19 and Diabetes Mellitus as patients who have diabetes are more prone to Covid-19.

Published Date: 2021-11-23; Received Date: 2021-11-02