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Medical & Surgical Urology
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Minimal Access Laser Therapy (Malt) of Genitary Hemangiomas in Girls

Andreas Fette


 Objective: Hemangiomas in the sensitive genital area of the female body are a constant major cosmetic concern. In the majority of cases they are even complicated by ulceration and/or hemorrhage as well. In addition, their delicate location make genitary hemangiomas like their facial counterparts prone to psychosocial disorders, too. Therefore, to find the best and most effective treatment for the individual case is still an ongoing debate.

Patients and methods: We treated 5 girls (Median age: 6 mos, range: 2.5-118 mos) with ulcerating and/or bleeding complex genitary hemangiomas (“capillary”, cavernous”, “mixed”) with minimal access laser therapy (MALT). The 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser was applied in compression or intralesional bare fibre technique with cooling of the skin under general anesthesia. Median energy applied ranged from 500 to 13 075 J/cm2/session in the individual patient.

Results: Bleeding and ulceration could be stopped usually within the first laser session, while involution started during the following sessions.

Conclusion: Our minimal access laser therapy (MALT) with a commercial Nd:YAG laser device seems to be promising alternative in the treatment of this specific condition.