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Microfacies, Depositional Environment and Diagenetic Processes of the Mauddud Member, in a Field in the Persian Gulf

AR Shakeri

Mauddud Member with the age of Late Albian to Cenomanian is a part of Sarvak Formation in adjacent area, shows different characteristics. This study investigates the sedimentological studies and reservoir characterization of the Mauddud member in a field in the Persian Gulf. According to petrographical studies of both cores and thin sections available, five types of microfacies related to shallow marine carbonate ramp has been identified which are deposited in a vast lagoon and local bioclastic shoal. Different diagenetic processes affected this member which is bioturbation, micritization, cementation, dolomitization, dissolution, and compaction. Among all, dissolution increased reservoir quality, while cementation and compaction decreased reservoir characteristics.