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Internal Medicine: Open Access
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Methotrexate Therapy in Deep Venous Thrombosis in Behcet Disease in Children

Lucia Burac, Genel Sur, Ioan Marian, Tudor Vasile, Sorin Dudea and Camelia Bud

Behcet disease is a chronic condition, systemic disease, with etiopathology still incomplete known but in witch are involved immune and genetic factors who may lead to inflammation and coagulation conditions. Authors present the case of a patient, masculine sex, 14 years old, diagnosed with Behcet disease, who had the vascular manifestation, with deep and superficial lower extremity vein thrombosis, that appeared at more than five years after first signs of disease (recurrent oral ulcerations). The patient had not presented positive markers for primary thrombophilia. Methotrexate therapy led to complete disappearance of lower extremity vein thrombosis, after about one year of treatment (as shown in Doppler vascular ultrasound). No side effect was observed related to Methotrexate therapy.

Conclusions: Methotrexate therapy may be a very efficient alternative treatment in deep lower extremity vein thrombosis in Behcet disease, without anticoagulants association.