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Biochemistry & Pharmacology: Open Access
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Methanol Extracts of Medicinal Plants Used for Oral Healthcare in Cameroon

Ashu Michael Agbor

Background: Traditional healers in Cameroon are actively involved in oral healthcare and traditional herbs are used for management of oral diseases. However the analysis of phytoconstituents of medicinal plants used for oral healthcare in Cameroon has not been done. The objective of the study was to determine the phytoconstituents of medicinal plants used for oral healthcare in Cameroon.
Methods: Samples of fresh plants used for dental treatment collected from South west and litorral regions of Cameroon that were free from diseases were obtained from the traditional healers.The plants were dried and the dried powder was macerated with intermediate stirring for 48 hours in methanol before filtering with Whattman filter paper. The filtrate was evaporated to dryness of solvent using the rotative evaporator in order to obtain the concentrated extracts of each plant sample. The plant extracts were then qualitatively tested for the presence of phytochemicals such as alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, terpenoids, steroids and tannins using the standard procedures.
Results: All the six (6) plants were found to be rich in at least one of the secondary metabolites. Steroids, terpenoids and flavonoids were found in all the plants samples. Alkaloids were present in Ageratum conyzoides and Carica papaya. Tannins were present in Ageratum conyzoides, Emilia coccinea, Gossypium sp and Carica papaya. Saponins were present in Ageratum conyzoides, Carica papaya and Momordica charantia. Phlobatannins was present in Emilia coccinea, Gossypium sp, Carica papaya and Spilanthes africana. Cardiac glycosides were present in Emilia coccinea, Carica papaya, and Momordica charantia. Carica papaya contained all these phytochemicals.
Conclusion: This study revealed the presence of active secondary metabolites in herbs used for different dental treatment. The clinical trial of phytochemicals on the oral conditions is necessary to determine their pharmacological activity.