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Medical & Surgical Urology
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Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Clinical Aspects and Therapeutic Management in the Region of Thies Senegal

Yoro Diallo*, Saint Charles Kouka, Mohamed Jalloh, Henrif Maladé, Modou Diop N’diaye, Mehdi Daher, Ramatoulaye Ly, Cheikh Diop, Seydou Diaw and Cheickna Sylla

Aim: To study the epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects of advanced prostate cancer in Thies.

Patients and methods: This is a descriptive study over a period of 6 years (January 2012 to December 2017) involving 156 patients.

Results: The average age of our patients was 75.3 years (52 to 100 years). The annual incidence was estimated to 26.5 cases. The average time to referral was 30 months (3 months; 5 years). The main reason for consultation was urinary symptoms. Bone pain was the main extra-urinary symptoms noted in 73.71% of cases. Digital rectal examination was suggestive of cancer in the majority of cases (n=116). Mean PSA was 532.25 ng/mL (Range: 10.000-100 ng/mL). Pathological examination revealed prostatic adenocarcinoma in all patients. Gleason score ranged between 6 and 9 with an average of 7. At imaging bone metastases was found in 73.71% of cases. Other sites of metastasis were mainly pulmonary (14.10%) and hepatic. Of the cohort 156 patients were treated by hormonal therapy alone and 72 patients by hormone therapy associated with prostatic surgery.

Conclusion: The mortality remains high despite improved diagnostic and treatment.

Published Date: 2019-05-15; Received Date: 2019-04-17