Journal of Tumor Research

Journal of Tumor Research
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ISSN: 2684-1258


Metachronous Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma in Patient with Prostatic Carcinoma, Multiple Primary Malignancies: Case Report

Elizabeth Nicole Garzón Palacios, Harry Dorn Arias and Henry Alejandro Carrión Celi

Multiple primary malignancy is two or more primary tumors that are diagnosed simultaneous or metachronous. The incidence rises with advanced age and is more common in men despite the high rate of prostatic cancer and its co-occurrence with other type of cancer. Multiple primary malignancy is an increasingly frequent event due to the advance’s diagnostic methods, but whenever found they arise questions of possible common etiologies or same pathogenic mechanisms. We reported a case of a 66 years old male patient presented with painless asymptomatic pancreatic mass which was found as an incidental finding in a check-up for surgery for prostatic adenocarcinoma, T3NOMO. A pancreatoduodenectomy was done and histopathological results showed a pancreatic adenocarcinoma, T1N0M0, and an intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm, T1N0M0. The patient was diagnosed with a metachronous multiple primary malignancy. Few combinations are labelled as syndromes or showed a common genetic association; however, sporadic cases of multiple primary malignancy are relatively rare. Such a combination of prostatic carcinoma and pancreatic carcinoma is sparingly being reported.