Massive Scrotal Calcinosis: Case Report | Abstract
Medical & Surgical Urology

Medical & Surgical Urology
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ISSN: 2168-9857


Massive Scrotal Calcinosis: Case Report

Georges Joshué AD, Michaël MA, Malick D, Inès Dodji YM, Gilles N, Jean S, Detondji FH, Fouad S, Prince Pascal H and Marie-Thérèse AKPO

Scrotal calcinosis is a rare benign condition defined as the presence of several calcified nodules within the scrotal skin. Its pathogenesis remains largely unknown. We hereby report a case of massive scrotal calcinosis which progressively developed for 12 years with a 57-year old patient with no evidence of calcium and phosphorus metabolic disorder. It was a fortuitous finding during a consultation for complete urine retention. We shall discuss the pathological anatomy and therapeutic aspects.