Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Mass Transfer Study of Heavy Metal Removal by Ion Exchange in Batch Conical Air Spouting Bed

Yousef NS, Darwish S, Zewail TM and El-Tawail YA

The performance of a batch conical air spouting vessel for conducting ion exchange reactions involving heavy metal removal has been investigated. The performance was measured in terms of volumetric mass transfer coefficient (K). The effect of various parameters such as type of heavy metal ion (Ni2+, Pb2+), superficial air velocity and initial heavy metal concentration has been investigated. It has been found that volumetric mass transfer coefficient increases as air superficial velocity increases. Initial Ni+2 concentrations have two opposing effects on the volumetric mass transfer coefficient, whereas initial Pb+2 concentrations have negligible effect. Dimensional analysis of the present mass transfer data led to the following correlations:
For Ni+2 JD=49 (Re*Fr)-0.215
For Pb+2 JD=117.71 (Re*Fr)-0.24
The importance of these mass transfer correlations in the design and operation of gas spouting vessels used for conducting diffusion-controlled reactions was highlighted.