Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319-7293



Mapping and Developing an E-content at a University in Uganda

Philip Kwesiga and Tito Okumu

A good e-content is central in the success of any given learning management system enterprise, yet it is the pedagogy that is poorly understood. This is one reason why it is often experienced as problematic, especially by new developers and users. To highlight these concerns, in this paper I delineate a map of e-content development at Makerere University – a Partnership for Higher Education Africa Education Technology Initiative (PHEA ETI) that support elearning as a tool for empowerment and development in Uganda (Africa) which are informed by contemporary theories in education. I will attempt to show traces on the design, development, application and evaluation of the current e-content project at Makerere University. The focus of this analysis is view that e-content development is a complex and unstable process, one filled with pleasures and challenges. This view is potentially useful for informing the practices of e-content developers, learners and learning management enthusiasts who work with them.