Management of Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus in Ayurveda, A Case Report | Abstract
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Management of Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus in Ayurveda, A Case Report

Niraj Khatri Sapkota has completed his PhD in Molecular Physiology applications to pharmacology at the age of 32 years from Zhejiang University

Herbal drugs are usually incorporated plant formed mixture in the treatment of diabetes and other disease in Ayurveda and their reported side effects are very less and cost effective. Type 2 diabetes is the state of resistance of insulin which leads to impairment of glucose utilization. Debix an Ayurveda herbal drugs mixture was provided to manage the newly diagnosed diabetes in otherwise healthy 33 years old male with no history of any other disease or medication, on continuous 4 months monitoring treatment plus recommendation to adopt life style modification along with 30 minutes of exercise minimum 5 days in a week, the patient exhibited normal blood glucose report as well as HbA1c was quite improved. This sort of data in Ayurveda clinical case study is scarcely reported and published means no report is generally made in scientific way in Ayurveda hence this case presentation will be beneficial to the Ayurveda practitioner. The rationale of this case report is, basis of treatment in Ayurveda can be commenced in newly diagnosed diabetes by Debix, a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Sandu pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd without any report of side effects under continuous supervision, at least for four months to fully manage the case

Published Date: 2020-08-31;