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Male Subfertility and Efficacy of Fertimax Therapy

Mosbah Rachid, Kourta Lamia and Habel M Amine

Objective: Over recent decades, there is a growing concern around the infertility problem in Algeria. In the latest census of the health and populations ministry, the infertility affects approximately 10-12% of the couples and in 30% of these cases and the male is the main associated origin. Thus in this research, we attempt to determine the etiology of reproductive failure in infertile men and to assess the effectiveness therapy of Fertimax™ treatment as combination of a specific micronutrients and antioxidants on their semen quality. Methods: Thirty six men consulting for infertility spousal in clinic of assisted reproductive techniques “El Bordj”- Algiers were interviewed, examined for clinical signs and their sperm was analyzed, then after, some of them were subjected to Fertimax™ treatment for six months and their sperm was reanalyzed. Results: The obtained results revealed that Fertimax™ intake for six months can improve significantly all semen parameters including seminal volume and viscosity, spermatozoa number, mobility, vitality and morphology in these patients. Besides, in 33.33% of cases, these treated patients with Fertimax™ have fertilized their partners without recourse to in vitro fertilization process. Conclusion: This wonderful ameliorating role of Fertimax™ may be related to the particularly potent antioxidant properties of its components and thus we recommend this treatment as remedy for patients suffered from subfertility in both sexes.