Malaysian Vehicle Seat Anthropometry Studies: A Mini-Review | Abstract
Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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Malaysian Vehicle Seat Anthropometry Studies: A Mini-Review

Daruis DDI*, Khamis K and Mohamad D

This paper focuses on anthropometry studies in Malaysia within a 10 years’ span. In the beginning, Malaysian anthropometry study has only been the interest of researchers from the medical field. However, in the past 10 years, other fields like the engineering and social studies began to explore aspects of anthropometry. Driver’s seat has been the central of ergonomic evaluation and analysis for automotive engineering. The data established for Malaysian driver’s seat includes the seat fit parameters, seat postural angles and seat pressure distributions. There were also studies that revealed that the collected data showed significant mismatches between the subjects and the anthropomorphic test device or better known as crash test dummies. Even though currently there are satisfactory data for Malaysian population, these data have to be reviewed subsequently as shown in many nations because there is usually some progress in growth.

Published Date: 2021-05-17; Received Date: 2021-04-26