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Journal of Ergonomics
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Major Health Risk Factors prevailing in Garment Manufacturing Units of Jaipur

Rena Mehta

The study analyzed the types and extent of occupational health hazards of the garment workers in cutting, stitching and finishing section. Thirty five garment factories from Jaipur were selected purposively. The sample consisted of 210 workers taking 6 randomly from each garment manufacturing unit. Data were collected through personal interviews with the selected samples. It was found that work in the garment factory severely affected worker?s health, as they were restrained in a closed environment. Nature of work in Garment factories created various types of health hazards among the selected respondents such as headache, musculoskeletal pain, eye strain etc. Results of the study showed that workers in the cutting section were more prone to accidents than the ones in stitching and finishing sheds. 55 percent of the respondents from the stitching shed opined that they suffered from severe musculoskeletal pain, whereas vibration induced syndrome was only faced by the respondents in the cutting shed.