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LICAC AIE, a Common-sense Approach to Qualitative Methodology

Magid Al-Araki

This article explores a classical method called LICAC AIE. It has been used in teaching, in student research as well as in problem solving within the public sector. It is composed of two acronyms. The analytical core, LICAC, stands for Localisation, Identification, Comparison, Analysis and Conformity with reality. The operational core, AIE, stands for Acceptance, Implementation and Evaluation. The method is conceived in 1983 and draws upon longitudinal research on Ibn Khaldūn. It is lately configured and computerized in a battery of questions that suit brainstorming and gives opportunities to explore methodological and didactical ideas. When using LICAC AIE, the researcher is supposed to start with the object of analysis, localize it, identify it, analyse it and compare it. This differentiation between methodological concepts draws upon the experiences and theories of the researcher. Further reflexive support comes from helping devices as the SWOT-methodology and the PEAK-methodology that consolidate cognitive association. The success of the methodological process depends on feeling of empowerment. Conclusions reached should further be developed in contact with reality. The objective of this article, the comparative view and the research questions proposed are on how to operationalize LICAC AIE, in particular the analytical core LICAC.