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Laparoscopic Repair of Ureteral Injury in Gynaecologic Surgery

Clarissa Maria de Albuquerque Pontes, Rogerson T de Andrade, Mauro Aguiar, Márcia Silva de Oliveira, Cassandra da Cunha Farias Paulino de Morais, Lívia Carneiro Nascimento, Agostinho de Sousa Machado Júnior and Helena Juliana Nagy

Iatrogenic ureteral injury is a potentially serious complication of pelvic surgery. It worries all professionals who deal with the pelvis, such as gynaecologists, general surgeons and urologists. Even though it is a rare surgical complication, occurring in 1- 10% of pelvic surgery, it is estimated that half of these injuries occur in gynecological surgery. While it is important that professionals who perform gynaecologic pelvic surgery know how to recognize and treat iatrogenic ureteral injuries, most have difficulty in the field of technique. The recognition and treatment of these lesions during surgery contributes to a significant reduction in morbidity rates.